Dear Friends,

Do you know an elected leader capable of making an impact on California’s water policy? Water Education for Latino Leaders (WELL) is now recruiting elected officials for a 2019 cohort of UnTapped!

WELL UnTapped is a selective, six-month long training and learning academy for local elected leaders which helps participants make an impact in California water policy while addressing their community’s challenges with water. Sessions begin January 2019. You can apply by visiting:

Components include:

  • Monthly two-day learning sessions to be held throughout California’s watersheds
  • Water Ambassador project: fellows will interact with local water experts to train and develop community residents who promote conservation and resiliency within their communities.
  • Learn the method of inquiry. WELL believes each fellow will learn skills to make important water policy decisions by learning to ask the relevant and timely questions. Not everyone can know all elements of a policy subject but one can know how and what to ask in order to get the right information to make an informed decision for their communities.
  • Public narrative training: UnTapped fellows will sharpen their public leadership skills by working on the story of self, story of us, and story of now.

Since WELL’s inception, they have engaged more than 275 of California’s 400 Latino city council members, mayors, county supervisors and school board members in the annual WELL conferences and workshops. WELL’s programs are open to all elected officials who wish to participate regardless of race or ethnicity. Their philosophy is that anyone who represents Latino constituents is a Latino leader.

Thank you for your consideration of this unique opportunity. Visit  to apply for WELL UnTapped and a scholarship. Deadline is September 15th, 2018.

Si Se Puede!

Victor Griego

Founder and President