At the start of the new year, the California Contract Cities Association (CCCA) held its annual Sacramento Legislative Tour (SLOT) welcoming the participation of more than 100 elected officials and senior city staff. SLOT serves as a valuable opportunity for attendees and Member Cities to connect directly with state leaders and legislators and voice their opinions on the legislation affecting their communities.

In the heart of California’s capitol, for two days, members met with local and state officials to discuss a range of topics, such as public safety reform, housing and other local control issues. These discussions allowed participants to advocate for policies and legislation that address the unique challenges faced in their community. 

As discussions unfolded, attention was drawn to a pressing issue that has been affecting many cities statewide — retail theft. This problem has become an increasing concern for local businesses, law enforcement agencies and residents alike. In response to the growing threat, Contract Cities, in partnership with Assemblymember Rick Chavez Zbur and Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi, conducted a press conference to address the rising challenge, which even garnered media coverage from across the state.

SLOT also provided an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and contributions of individuals within CCCA. Assemblymember Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer received the first-ever Joe A. Gonsalves Legislator of the Year Award honoring his dedication and service to CCCA’s mission and values.

“Each year, I am reminded of the benefits that SLOT provides me and fellow CCCA members,” said CCCA 2024 President Dr. Julian Gold. “Having the time to connect and engage with our elected officials builds relationships and sets the stage for productive collaboration all year long.”