Advance the benefits of the contracting model and strengthen local control and governance.

The four main functions of the California Contract Cities Association:

  • Education

The California Contract Cities Association strives to provide world-class educational opportunities for our members. We firmly believe knowledge is the best tool each of us possesses to be more effective leaders and to promote the betterment of our cities. We proudly offer numerous educational seminars, conferences, and meetings each year to provide our members with the latest policy updates and collaborative efforts to tackle the most challenging issues facing today’s local elected officials. Our major conferences and seminars provide local elected officials a unique perspective on how neighboring cities are working toward solving complex problems our cities face. Our unique relationship with the University of Southern California Sol Price School of Public Policy sets us apart from any other organization and allows us to offer extensive, university-level executive education to our members.

  • Advocacy

Representing 80 cities and nearly 8 million residents, the California Contract Cities Association is stronger than it’s ever been. Our strength comes from our numbers and our unrivaled ability to navigate the legislative and policy making processes. The California Contract Cities Association has fiercely advocated for the rights of cities to practice the contracting model and to strengthen local control since 1957. We are the premier advocacy association in Los Angeles County and beyond and have advocated successfully for our member cities for more than 65 years.

  • Networking

The California Contract Cities Association gathers elected officials, city staffers, and key members from the corporate world to collaborate and build relationships that will benefit the constituencies from each of our member cities. The relationships formed as part of our networking events are invaluable assets when we engage in our advocacy efforts. We encourage all our members to attend CCCA events to build relationships with like-minded professionals so they can better serve their communities.

  • Access

Our network of proven service providers is eager to serve your cities and constituencies. The contracting model is in our DNA; we, therefore, through our network of Associate Members, forge public, private and not for profit partnerships to promote collaborative governance across sectors. These collaborations provide unprecedented opportunities for efficiencies in better serving the public significant cost savings.