MSRC Clean Transportation Funding

The MSRC is the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee, whose sole mission is to fund projects that reduce air pollution from motor vehicles within the South Coast Air District in Southern California.


Targeted Funding Amount

Local Government Match Program


Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Program


Major Event Center Transportation Program


Transportation Control Measure County Transportation Commission Partnership Program


– First-come, first-served – first (and best) day to submit applications is June 2, 2015.  All applications received on first day deemed submitted at the same time.

– Last day to submit applications is September 4, 2015

– More information on RFPs and to sign up for automatic notifications of funding opportunities:

– Contact: Cynthia Ravenstein at 909-396-3269 or

 Increased Incentives for Public Fleets in Disadvantaged Communities: Public Fleet Pilot Project

Administered by CSE for the California Air Resources Board, the Public Fleet Pilot Project offers up to $15,000 in rebates for the purchase of new, eligible zero-emission and plug-in hybrid light-duty vehicles. The Public Fleet Pilot Project replaces standard CVRP rebates with increased incentives for public agencies operating in California’s most vulnerable and pollution-burdened areas.

Vehicle Type

Max. Rebate Amount

Fuel-Cell electric vehicle


Battery or range-extended electric vehicle


Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle


Whether your fleet is planning to acquire an eligible vehicle, has ordered a vehicle, or has already taken delivery of a vehicle, you can apply here to reserve rebate funds. Eligibility is based on the location of the facility where the vehicle will be domiciled and where it will be primarily operated. Check your ZIP code in the tool provided on the Public Fleet Pilot Project webpage. If your fleet is not eligible for this pilot project, you may still be eligible for the standard CVRP rebates. A list of eligible vehicles is also available at the project webpage.
More information:
Contact: CSE staff at

Receive Up to $9,500 If You Replace Your Ride

You could be eligible to receive between $2,500 to %9,500 and lower interest financing for a replacement ride. Rides include new vehicle, used vehicles and alternative options like public transit passes. The goal of the Replace Your Ride Program is to improve air quality and increase access to advanced technology vehicles for low-income applicants. Eligible applicants can receive funding assistance to replace older, high-polluting vehicles with newer, cleaner options. The program is limited to vehicle owners residing in the South Coast Air Basin or the Coachella Valley that meet the household income and vehicle requirements.

More information:

Contact: Dean Saito (SCAQMD) at 909-396-2647 or