The November 2022 General Election brought an onslaught of new leaders. Of these, the most notable for the California Contract Cities Association (CCCA) is the new Los Angeles County Sheriff, Robert Luna.

Our partnership with the LA County Sheriff’s Department is part of CCCA’s foundation. It’s also a fundamental piece of each member city’s involvement with CCCA, which represents the 42 cities that contract with the Sheriff’s Department. Our cities depend on a collaborative leader who is receptive to local perspectives. I am confident that Sheriff Luna is that leader.

The 42 cities have been overlooked for far too long, and it is time that we are recognized as strategic partners in providing efficient and fiscally responsible public safety. CCCA needs a Sheriff that will cooperate with these cities and County Supervisors, give us a voice on personnel serving our communities and reduce the liabilities and debt. Robert Luna has already begun restoring trust in the Sheriff’s Department and that aligns with these needs. It’s refreshing to have someone in this position that will consider all contract cities and listen to our views and demands.

Marcel Rodarte is the Executive Director of the California Contract Cities Association – comprised of 80 cities advancing collaborative governance, fortifying local control and elevating the voices of more than 7.5 million people – and the former Mayor of Norwalk.