Los Angeles County Supervisors will consider a motion (item 22) during their April 4, 2023 meeting to depopulate and decarcerate Los Angeles County jails.

The California Contract Cities Association (CCCA) is expressing concern that this action has the potential to adversely impact public safety in Los Angeles County. CCCA encourages the Board of Supervisors to engage with impacted stakeholders prior to taking any significant actions without first establishing alternatives to address mental health and substance abuse.

CCCA has learned the item will be pulled from the April 4th agenda and applauds this action as a step in the right direction to give impacted communities and stakeholders an opportunity to engage in conversations on how to mitigate risks to public safety and to provide adequate rehabilitative services to those in need.

Our Association looks forward to working closely with all Supervisor offices and the law enforcement community on a solution to this challenging issue.