Senate Bill 50 (Wiener) Goes to the Senate Floor. Send Letters!

SB 50 will be heard in the California State Senate the week of January 27 – January 31. We strongly encourage member cities that are opposed to SB 50 to send a letter to your State Senator.
SB 50 would, among other things, allow for more density, up to 4-5 stories, limits on floor to area ratio, and limits to parking requirements in areas identified as transit-rich or job-rich. SB 50 does not provide enough flexibility for cities to plan for density. It creates redundancy in zoning law processes, does not provide sufficient funding to increase affordable housing, or addresses development issues in the California Environmental Quality Act.

Registrar-Recorder to Report New Voting System

System May Impact Candidates in 2020 Election

On Tuesday, January 28th, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will receive a report from the Registrar-Recorder (S-1) regarding the status of the new voting system known as VSAP. Ongoing reports of VSAP indicate the new system may impact a voter’s ability to review multiple candidates for each election contest.
On January 9th, CCCA sent a letter indicating these concerns to the Registrar-Recorder. Due to the approaching March 3, 2020 election, the Registrar-Recorder detailed a list of improvements the office implemented to inform voters how to properly locate additional candidates in the system. However, these in the opinion of the Association, these changes do not sufficiently address the issue and may very impact the election.
If you or your city has concerns regarding the new VSAP system, please attend the meeting on January 28th at 11:00 a.m.

Do you have questions regarding these two items? Please contact Michael Vuong at