A/S Gross – Welcome, Thank you for joining us.

  • Department is continuing the transition into recovery phase

o   More businesses open

o   Increase in number of people at parks, trails, and beaches

o   Successful and massive deployment over Memorial Day Weekend

    • Over 50 deputies at the beaches
    • No Significant Incidents

o   Sheriff, Assistant Sheriff Gross, Chief Kneer, Commander Lewis, and A/Captain Becerra all worked the beaches over the weekend.  Example of how the Sheriff will deploy his command staff to lead from the front during tactical incidents

  • The crime stats compare March 15, 2020 through May 23, 2020, compared to the same period last year.

o   Part 1 crimes down 6.22%

o   Violent crime down about 6.57%

o   Property Crimes down about 6.5%

o   Calls for service down due to people at home and extra patrols

o   GTAs are still up

    • 25% increase
    • Due to stay at home orders and zero bail policy
    • Continue to work on solutions to address the issue

o   Increase in homicides, up 12%

o   Call for service down 5.9%

o   Domestic violence calls for service up 6.88%

o   Domestic violence arrests are up 8.17%

  •  Safer at home enforcement

o   4 total arrests

o   73 total cites

  • Personnel Status

o   227 personnel tested positive

o   Recent spike in quarantined personnel

o   Additional personnel assigned to patrol ensured we were able to maintain or exceed contract compliance

  • Town Hall Meetings

o   Sheriff held meeting in Altadena and Marina del Rey

    • Successful community engagement event to interact with community and explain budget issues

o   Hate Crime Summit (virtual) on Thursday, May 28th at 1400 hours

o   Virtual town hall meetings

    • Pasadena on Wednesday, May 27th at 1400 hours
    • Santa Clarita on Thursday, June 11th at 1400 hours
  • We will continue to partner with Contract Cities and understand the budget implications but we will ensure your cities are safe
  • The Sheriff has requested a meeting with the Board regarding our budget curtailments; however, those curtailments will not impact Contract City patrol deployments, as we already eliminated the unfunded positions

Sheriff Villanueva

  • Working our way through the budget

o   Hope to have a working model up by the end of the week to show all of the cost-saving measures that will have to be enacted to cover the $400 million budget shortfall

o   All of this is tentative based on what was given to us by the CEO

o   We’ll have a working budget by the end of June, then make hard decisions, but to minimize the impact to all of the communities we provide service to

  • Custody reports a slight downward trend in positive cases among inmates and slight spike among staff

o   Overall trending in the right direction, therefore the measures we took early on are paying off

  • Masking and social distancing will be very important as other segments of the economy open

U/S Murakami

  • Promotions

o   We will be meeting with the CEO to ensure patrol promotions take place to make sure we have sufficient supervision in the field

o   Even with projected promotions, we will still be short 260 sergeants and our goal is to get proper staffing in the field, which would be a cost savings by saving on overtime

o   Also helps to mitigate liability

Marcel Rodarte (CCCA)

  • Positive feedback for CCCA re: Liability Trust Fund surcharge to stay at 11%, instead of increasing to 11.5%
  • Also working on options for Sheriff rate increase of 5.56% for FY 20/21, will discuss further at City Manager meeting

A/S Gross

  • Looking forward to continuing to move forward to the new normal
  • Deputies are making quite a bit of arrests
  • Zero bail is allowing people to get out of jail in a quick manner
  • Deputies continue to work hard for you