A/S Gross – Welcome, good afternoon

–         Continuing to closely monitor crime statistics

–         The crime stats continue to be down

o  Part 1 Crimes down 8.22%

o  Property Crimes down 7.68%

o  GTAs up 17%, arrests are made,

      • TRAP, station detectives and special problems unit working to get GTA’s down

o  15% decrease in calls for service

o  3.83% decrease in observations

      • Total Calls down 8.83%
      • 5.39% increase in Domestic Violence calls for service, however:
      • .29% decrease in Domestic Violence arrests

–         Safer at home enforcement

o  3 total arrests (none this week)

o  14 Citations in the last week (55 total citations since March 19)

o  Still warning and advising citizens with citations and arrests as last resort

o  Deputies still giving out masks to assist with compliance

o  Beach deployment last weekend included mounted enforcement and ATVs

–         Personnel Status

o  Over 1,000 Department personnel have been in quarantine at some point

o  209 currently quarantined (down from 262 quarantined last week, 343 the week prior, and 429 the week before)

o  88 total confirmed cases (increase from 64 total reported last week, 57 total the week prior, and 33 the week before)

o  1,008 returned to work after quarantined

–         Patrol Initiatives

o  Child welfare checks

      • No stats yet,
      • Briefed BOS JDs and will continue to move forward

o  Elder and Dependent Adult welfare checks

      • Continuing as planned

Chief Hellmold – Special Operations Division

–         Food Distribution – County has opened up centers countywide

o  Local municipalities have not always been included in the planning process

o  CEOC lieutenant actively involved to provide information to local cities regarding food banks or project room key sites designated for their area

o  Each station Captain to have a direct liaison with the city manager regarding food distribution centers designated for their city

A/S Gross

–         Planning

o  Continuing to plan for tactical alerts and we are planning for other events

o  Also working with Chiefs of Police for LA County

–         Contract City vacancies

o  340 sergeant vacancies, over 100 in patrol

o  Sheriff promoted 100 sergeants and 30 lieutenants to fill in patrol vacancies and reduce overtime

o  Ensure proper supervision and to mitigate risk in the field

–         PIT Maneuver

o  Dangerous pursuit, PIT implemented, worked as planned, stopped pursuit

–         Contract City Letters

o  Identified unfunded positions which will return to patrol functions

o  We will audit again at your request to ensure findings are valid

o  Identified 191 unfunded patrol items ($28 million)

o  35 positions were already mitigated

o  54 argued as overhead (taken off the list)

o  102 positions, both city and county positions at a cost of $18 million are being mitigated, and described in letters

o  Cities can add positions to the contract, or they can be collaterals for personnel reassigned to patrol functions

Sheriff – Good afternoon

–         Department has always used S&S budget to help balance budget

–         True for 18/19, however, in 19/20, County held up those funds and then said Department was over budget

–         We have to make sure we are not staffing unfunded items

–         The deficit is $400 million

–         Unfunded positions eliminated:

o  137 patrol items, recruitment team, etc.

o  Other positions occupy positions important to the Department

o  We want to keep Marina del Rey and Altadena open, but difficult with large deficit

–         Large items which impact deficit include trial court funding

–         We are committed to serving you

–         Hopefully we will improve and have a better outlook for next fiscal year 20/21

–         Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate the conditions imposed on us

Questions from Rosemead, Lawndale, and Paramount – Please contact Captain Escobedo offline to discuss further

A/S Chase

–         Custody update

o  123 positive inmates who are being treated medically

o  3,500 inmates in over 100 housing locations in quarantine

o  We have the space and staff to manage population

o  Emergency bail schedule allows for bail review even with zero bail policy in place

o  County is being sued, however, Court ruled in favor of the County today, denying emergency requests of the plaintiffs

A/S Gross

–         Unfunded positions apply equally for all cities, no more unfunded positions in patrol

–         No funding source for those items, and creating overtime issue unless returned to patrol function. City can add position to contract if they choose

–         Contract Law is available to address all of your concerns and answer

–         Thank you and we look forward to talking with you on the next call