A/S Gross – Welcome, good afternoon

–         Continuing to closely monitor crime statistics

–         The crime stats continue to be down in all areas this week (compared to same period last year)

o  Part 1 Crimes down 10%

o  Homicides down 23%

o  Rapes down 32%

o  Robberies down 13%

o  Aggravated Assaults down 8%

o  Violent Crimes down 11.37%

o  GTAs up, arrests are made, but they don’t stay in jail

o  16.4% decrease in calls for service

o  4% decrease in observations

      • 4%% increase in Domestic Violence calls for service, however:
      • 2% decrease in Domestic Violence arrests

–         Safer at home enforcement

o  2 COVID related arrests this week (3 total arrests)

o  11 Citations in the last week (41 total citations)

o  Still warning and advising citizens with citations and arrests as last resort

–         Contract Compliance

o  Very good, still bringing in people from Countywide Services, Court Services and Detective Division

–         Personnel Status

o  Over 1,000 Department personnel have been in quarantine at some point

o  262 currently quarantined (down from 343 quarantined last week, and 429 the week before)

o  64 total confirmed cases (increase from 57 total reported last week, and 33 the week before)

o  We are flattening the curve in regards to employees in quarantine, and that is making us healthy in the patrol environment with contract compliance

o  The Sheriff is working to get leadership positions in the field filled to reduce those vacancies, which reduces liability

–         County Budget Shortfalls

o  Sheriff was able to get $83 million returned to the Department which helps with radio cars, helicopter maintenance, sexual assault kits, and cleaning supplies

o  We will continue to provide first class service to our contract cities

–         Safer Initiative will stay in place until at least May 15

–         Events cancelled

o  Will miss interaction and collaboration at CCCA Annual Seminar in Indian Wells

o  Please bring up questions and issues on these calls

–         Patrol Initiatives

o  Elderly Checks

      • Stations will identify convalescent homes and assisted living facilities within their area and check on them weekly.
      • Deputies will make contact with facility manager (outside of facility) to ensure they have sufficient food and medical supplies
      • If they need assistance, the patrol deputies will log the info, give it to the DOC, and it will forward to the County Operations Center

o  Juvenile Checks (out of school)

      • SCARS reporting system has decreased by about half because mandated reporters (teachers, coaches, etc.) do not have access to kids
      • SVB has been working with DCFS
      • DCFS will temporarily give us information about at risk youth, and we will conduct and log consensual checks of the youth, to ensure their safety

o  Homeless (HOST)

      • Working in the field to provide wrap around services

o  Increased Patrols

      • Warm weather caused increase in patrols at beaches and trails
      • No significant problems yet

o  Planning

      • Continuing to plan for other emergencies to remain prepared
      • i.e. civil unrest, natural disasters, etc.

Sheriff – Thank you for hard work done in cities

–         Food security

o  Assessment/survey to see how people are doing regarding access to food

o  County’s plan regarding supply chain and food shortages must be robust and address these emerging needs

o  DPSS has the lead on task force, funnel information to the CEOC

Marcel Rodarte

–         Is the Department considering reducing or deferring COLA increases to help?

A/S Gross

–         Executive level benefit contributions already deferred (8% pay cut)

–         Unions responsible for all represented employees (Lt. and below)

–         We will talk to employee Unions to discuss


–         County is freezing promotions at the ranks of sergeant, lieutenant, and captain

–         Directly impacts supervision at patrol stations

–         Express your concern with your supervisor who voted for this

–         Supervision is critical in high risk environment of law enforcement

A/S Gross

–         Approx. 118 sergeants and 40 lieutenants in patrol (vacancies)

o  Most critical positions in patrol to help reduce liability

–         Video arraignment moving forward as planned

–         Inmate population 11,866 (approximate population)

o  Reduced population to keep a handle on quarantined inmates

o  Keeping inmates healthy

o  Most inmates left cannot be released due to their violent charges