A/S Gross – Welcome – Thank you Contract City Partners

–         Closely monitoring crime statistics since Public Health Order (3/19/20)

–         The crime stats below are a comparison from this month (March 17, 2020 – April 13, 2020), and the same period last year

o  Violent Crime down 9.26%

o  Part 1 Crime down 14%

o  Homicides 31%

o  Rapes down 34%

o  Robberies down 1%

o  Aggravated Assault down 10%

o  Property Crime down 6.6%

o  Burglaries down 11%

o  GTA up 4%

o  Larceny down 22%

o  Arson down 25%

o  12% decrease in calls for service

–         Safer at home enforcement

o  19 Citations, and 1 arrest to date

–         Personnel Status

o  429 quarantined

o  33 tested positive

o  230 out of quarantine and returned to work

–         County has identified 9 isolation facilities in LA County

o  Working with partner law enforcement agencies and with the Department of Public Health to safeguard these facilities

o  Misdemeanor to walk away from isolation facility

o  Dangerous or violent infected or isolated people will be arrested and we can safely isolate those people in custody due to lower jail population

–         Safer at home extended to May 15th

o  Personnel will begin wearing face coverings

      • Non-medical face coverings for staff

–         All 23 stations have ‘safety committees’ for staff to address issues and advise Captain on concerns to ensure continual supply of equipment, masks, etc.

–         We will continue welfare checks of at risk populations

o  Elderly

o  Other at risk

o  Homeless

      • Volunteers on Patrol and additional patrol personnel will assist

–         Department is in receipt of CCCA Letter and letters from several contract cities regarding rate increases and liability increase.

o  Passed letters on to the county and Department will respond as well via letter to CCCA

–         Still enforcing 290 registration process

–         Homeless efforts of the Department continue

A/S Limon

–         Sheriff Station Arraignment project

o  Limit possibility of introducing someone who is ill into the jail system

o  13 stations included in project

o  Arraignment held over computer screen

A/S Gross

–         As the law enforcement leader in LA County, the Sheriff’s Department extends out assistance to all other municipal police departments within the County with this matter or any other matter that they may have

U/S Murakami

–         Continue to be proactive within the community

–         HOST Team to help homeless by issuing masks to homeless population they come into contact with

–         Also have patrol deputies give out masks to members of the public who they contact without masks, as a sign of good will – mask rather than citation

o  Positive impact on the public

A/S Gross

–         Our role is to warn and advice (educate) to gain compliance and cite as a last resort

A/S Chase

–         Inconsistent numbers reported in the public forum which inflates the numbers in custody

o  DPH captures numbers of all corrections facilities within the county, which includes a state prison in Lancaster as well as probation facilities

–         Current LA County Jail numbers:

o  9 inmates positive – in medical isolation receiving treatment

o  2 inmates that have recovered

o  18 inmates in isolation awaiting test results

o  20 staff members positive

–         Started active screening process in second week of March

–         Focused on lower level offenders when releasing

–         We have the space to accommodate anyone committing a serious of violent offence, whether COVID positive or suspected COVID positive

–         Other systems nationwide:

o  Cook County, IL

      • 275 positive inmates
      • 140 staff positive
      • 3 inmate deaths

o  Rikers Island, NY

      • 300 positive inmates
      • 500 positive staff
      • 6 employee deaths
      • couple inmate deaths

o  Our depopulation efforts have helped on staff and inmate side

o  Goal is to maintain public safety

o  Released inmates are tracked by DPH upon release

o  No COVID positive patients have been released

A/S Gross

–         Safer at home update – begins tonight at midnight

–         Employee testing process has been very successful

o  Helped keep staffing levels high in patrol

o  Surge of personnel still in contract cities

o  Keeping maximum number of personnel in the field

Marcel Rodarte

–         Discussion on isolation facilities within the community

–         County coordination with cities could be improved

A/S Gross

–         Department does not get advanced notice regarding location, and we are not a part of the process or coordinated with about site locations

Marcel Rodarte – CCCA

–         Rate deferral letter, ask to defer, not to waive increases

–         Want to give cities relief in this difficult time while they rebuild their economies


–         Thank you for your perspective and input

–         We recognize your plight, we are in a similar one, and the pain is felt from Federal to state to county to city level. No good answers yet on restarting

–         We will work with you in any agreement that can be made between the A/C, BOS and Contract Cities

–         Count us as an ally, and we’ll keep working with you

Mark Alexander – La Canada Flintridge

–         Add to Marcel’s comment. Gonsalves re: cost recover for the Department

–         Liability Trust Fund surcharge at the discretion of the BOS

–         Already requested deferral of automatic increase this year (.5%)

A/S Gross

–         We will give the costs to the BOS to analyze – Contract Law has the numbers

–         We understand what you need


–         Good news re: LTF, 16 months that Sheriff has been in office, no ‘big ticket’ items that could harm us (the fund)

–         In the long run, that will start having an impact on the rate (LTF surcharge)

A/S Gross

–         Department has worked really hard on mitigating liabilities, especially auto, and made good progress

–         Hope this will be reflected in future rates

Commander Lewis

–         Department Operations Center is available specifically to Contract City Managers as a resource.

–         Please keep the number readily available for city managers and their immediate staff only, for access in emergent situations 24/7.

–         (323) 980-2101

A/S Gross

–         Thank you for the support, we’ll continue to work hard for you