A/S Gross – Welcome

  • Closely monitoring crime statistics since Public Health Order (3/19/20)
    • Violent Crime down 6.2%
    • Property Crime down 6.6%
    • Part 1 Crime down 6.54%
    • 95% decrease in calls for service
  • Employee Testing
    • 394 personnel in quarantine today
      • Approximately 150 of those are assigned to patrol
    • 24 have tested positive for COVID-19
    • Approximately 150 have returned to duty after quarantining
  • Additional patrol staff
    • Over 400+ additional personnel assigned to patrol stations each day
  • Bail amounts
    • No bail for most misdemeanor and non-violent felonies
  • Non-compliant enforcement
    • Warn and advise first (educate)
    • Cite and arrest a last resort (virtually none so far)
  • Call screening
    • Station desk staff (911 operators) continue to screen calls to ensure a proper response and personnel are adequately prepared for call for service
  • Video Arraignment
    • Superior Court, Judges, District Attorney, and Sheriff’s Department have worked to establish 12 regional video arraignment sights at Sheriff’s Stations.
    • Keep new people (arrestees) from entering jail population pre-arraignment.
    • Allow arraignment to occur via video from Sheriff’s station jails.
  • Field personnel
    • Encourage personnel to wear masks in the field
      • N95 for high risk calls
      • Dust masks for general use

U/S Murakami

  • Conference call with County Leadership
    • “Safer at home” to go beyond 4/19, unknown duration yet

A/S Chase

  • A. County has had 3 positive inmates in custody
    • One of those inmates has since recovered and been released
  • Continuing to screen all incoming inmates, quarantining and isolating as required by medical staff
  • No current concerns about having to release larger numbers of inmates

A/S Limon

  • Working with A/S Gross on video arraignments to reduce people coming into jail population

A/S Chase

  • Normally, more than a thousand inmates are transported to court every day
  • Approximately 500 inmates were transported to court today, still high
    • Increased risk for all involved in the transportation process

A/S Gross & Marcel Rodarte

  • Department is in receipt of letter seeking relief for Contract Cities

Sheriff Villanueva

  • Thank you to all involved, striving to keep information flowing
  • Re: CCCA Letter
    • Let’s see what BOS has to say about financial issues cities are facing
    • We understand your request and support contract cities

Chief Hellmold

  • Each Unit Commander is submitting a Continuity of Operations plan
  • Assuming loss of available personnel at various levels (25%, 50%, and 75%)
  • We don’t feel like it is headed that direction, but we want to be prepared

A/S Gross

  • Goals to keep crime suppressed and keep directed patrols for vulnerable areas