Chief Hellmold – Special Operations Division

  • Welcome, the Sheriff is in a meeting with County Leaders, Assistant Sheriff Gross and Undersheriff Murakami are on the call and available. A/S Chase and A/S Limon will also provide updates

A/S Gross – Patrol Divisions

  • Continued Patrol surge, 500+ additional personnel per day
    • From Detective Division, Courts, etc.
    • 400+ extra in patrol, 200+ in custody
  • Unofficial crime stats show decreases:
    • Part 1 = 8% decrease
    • Violent crime = 10% decrease
    • Calls for service = 15% decrease
  • Continuing to check businesses (open and closed), beaches, trails, etc.
  • Non-compliance enforcement
    • 99% of non-essential businesses are compliant
    • Always seek voluntary compliance via warnings and education
    • If a business continues non-compliant actions, report will be written and handed over to District Attorney for potential future filing
    • Attempt not to arrest, cite and release if possible
  • Gun shops
    • After additional Federal Guidance, no gun shops will be ordered to close in Los Angeles County
  • Personnel update
    • 6 confirmed cases, 147 currently quarantined (a total of 210 have been quarantined, but some have returned to work)
    • Some hotels in the county (i.e. in Pomona) could be used to quarantine homeless and employees.
    • Employee testing up and running (more below)
  • Information updates
    • DOC messages are continually updated and distributed to personnel to assist all personnel as we move forward
  • National Guard on standby, no requests to them yet by Department
    • They did help set up medical shelters in Long Beach over the weekend
  • Board Motion/Meeting
    • Motion passed to re-organize the county emergency management
    • Nevertheless, Sheriff is committed to L.A. County, especially during emergencies
    • There will be no reduction in services by the Department

U/S Murakami

  • Met with police chiefs in the County
  • Despite social media reports, the Department did not issue a “Safer at Home” citation to any individual
  • Department has 253 EMT trained and 17 Paramedic trained personnel who may be available to be redeployed to assist
  • Department of Public Health is issuing orders without giving notice to, or getting input from, law enforcement. Difficult for law enforcement to react quickly when not included

A/S Chase – Custody Divisions

  • Continuing to screen, separate, and isolate inmates
  • One inmate tested positive, now in stable condition
  • Quarantine levels are very low right now, only about 50 inmates out of 14,000+
  • Law enforcement the most vulnerable.  Jail staff is more susceptible than inmates due to movement in and out of the jail facilities
  • Trying to minimize flow of inmates into custody

Chief Hellmold

  • Hotels and facilities may be used to house homeless people released from custody to keep them off of the streets

A/S Gross

  • For A/S Limon, no updates for Court Services at this time

Chief Hellmold

  • Testing process in place for personnel

Lt. Vienna – CEOC Team 3

  • Established comprehensive testing process
  • Multiple criteria in place to ensure employees are tested when necessary
  • At home testing, facilitated by sergeants assigned to team
    • Self-collected by employee, then sealed, and picked up by team sergeants

Chief Hellmold

  • Department Operations Center (DOC) is issuing directives all the way up the chain of command before disseminated to staff
  • Orders are continually added and updated to ensure they are accurate
  • Contract City resource requests should go to the Sheriff’s DOC
    • Station Captains can assist with requests to the DOC