Chief Hellmold

  • Welcome, the meeting will be brief and to the point due to other meetings
  • Discuss a few Sheriff’s Department projects – then take questions

A/S Gross

  • County Emergency Operations Center (CEOC) procured 1 million masks
  • Masks distributed to LASD, LAPD, LACoFire, and hospital distribution center
  • Ongoing teamwork with Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (DPH) to transport and deliver masks
  • 2,000 test kits for first responders
    • 1,000 for LASD
    • 1,000 for LACoFire
  • Surge of sworn personnel to patrol
  • Nonessential administrative assignments being reassigned to patrol as needed
    • e. Detective Division and Court Services Division personnel
  • Field Operations patrol areas
    • Continue to focus on all businesses (open and closed)
    • Beaches and recreational areas that are closed, including parking lots
    • Homeless
      • Assist in identifying who is at high risk
    • Elderly
      • Identity and assist those in need
    • The National Guard has been activated by the Governor for humanitarian efforts
      • The Sheriff has not requested their assistance at this time
      • The Sheriff currently has sufficient manpower
    • No social distancing or business closure enforcement actions at this time
      • LASD is requesting voluntary compliance
      • Increased social distancing by closing beach parking lots
      • Most reports of non-compliant business are bars and nightclubs
    • Special Bulletin provided to Contract Cities regarding scams

A/S Limon

A/S Chase

  • No positive cases in the Departments jails (inmates or staff)
  • Department released eligible inmates to make room for quarantines in custody

U/S Murakami

  • The Department is being responsive to the community
  • The Department is not ordering gun stores closed at this time after consultation with legal counsel
  • Complaints of bars and nightclubs open will be addressed by the Department

Marcel Rodarte

  • CCCA Resource page is up and running

Michael Vuong

  • Are evictions being enforced?
  • A/S Limon – court ordered move out orders and restraining orders will be enforced
    • However, there is a moratorium on eviction orders for 60 days

Chief Hellmold

  • If any city has concerns regarding law enforcement or our Department, please coordinate with your station captain
  • Regarding first responder testing
    • We have comprehensive protocols regarding exposure, quarantine, and testing