Chief Hellmold – Welcome, new phone system in place with greater capacity

A/S Gross – Roll Call – approx. 37 contact cities, 3 board offices (at beginning of call)

Sheriff – Welcome, thank you

  • Important info and updates to come from Department of Health Services (Mr. Crabtree)
  • Immediate increased presence in all contract cities
  • Patrol supplemented by Detective Division and Court Services Division (courts dark)
  • Contract cities will not be charged for additional services
  • The additional patrol presence will have 3 primary responsibilities:
  • Visible presence – especially at commercial areas such as stores, markets and businesses
  • Protection for all dark and vacant businesses
  • Senior, homebound, and homeless outreach
  • Welfare checks for homebound people who are without care or support, especially seniors
  • Work with homeless (contingency for housing at shelters)

DPH Mr. Crabtree

  • 1st concern is the potential overwhelming surge of sick at hospitals
  • LA County currently has 182 ICU beds available
  • Will transition people to recovery rooms as soon as they are able to free up more ICU beds
  • Long term concern of potential shortage of medical staff
  • Public and Private hospitals working together to ensure sufficient staff and sufficient beds available


  • Mutual aid coordinator for the county
  • Mutual aid agreements increase capacity for law enforcement throughout the county and region
  • Sheriff’s Department will provide support to independent cities as needed

A/S Gross

  • Today is 1st day of supplemental patrol
  • Therefore crime suppression efforts and to answer calls for service
  • Sheriff’s patrol operations are in constant contact with the Department Operations Center (DOC) and County Emergency Operations Center (CEOC)
  • All stations and their lobbies are open and will remain that way
  • Aggregate bail amount increased from $25,000 to $50,000 to limit the number of people coming into the jail system
  • Increase online and telephonic reports from the public
  • Homeless population served by additional deployments of HOST
  • Department will conduct door knocks and welfare checks of elderly
  • Continuous patrol checks at large events (retail stores, supermarkets, etc.)
  • So far, no rise in employee call-ins, and only a few remain in quarantine

A/S Limon

  • All bureaus will remain open, which includes Aero Bureau and Special Enforcement Bureau
  • Others, such as court services, will be redeployed to supplement patrol operations
  • MetroLink and MTA have seen reduced ridership, but we will still patrol to ensure safety
  • Temporary suspension of evictions – except for move out orders (domestic violence related)

A/S Chase

  • Maintain safe housing for violent offenders
  • Inmates released are within 30 days of projected release date
  • No current positive tests among inmates or staff in the county jails
  • Protocols in place to prevent spread within jails or entry of exposed people
  • $25,000 to $50,000 bail increase also applies to warrant arrests
  • Court closures assists with the reduction of movement within the inmate population

Chief Hellmold

  • Sheriff is the director of emergency operations in LA County
  • DOC coordinates all department COVID-19 related activities
  • All messaging from the county and above will be related in a timely manner to our contract city partners
  • All frontline operations are open 24/7 including fall back and contingency plans to ensure no reduction in service

Sheriff (answering questions)

  • Thank you for your cooperation in abiding by direction given from CDC and the Governor
  • Since the Sheriff is the California Region 7 mutual aid coordinator, we have been in contact with all surrounding counties and all independent city policy departments
  • Enforcement of evictions has been suspended, and courts are not creating additional eviction orders
  • DPH order for bars and gyms to close, Sheriff’s Department will respond to complaints and attempt to gain cooperation.  Enforcement arm is Sheriff, order comes from DPH.
  • Flatten the bell curve and abide by all medical guidelines, minimize any group gathering, and we hope common sense prevails
  • No additional questions