As implied by its name, California Contract Cities Association (CCCA) aims to provide support to local government agencies throughout the state. With roots firmly planted in Los Angeles County, CCCA has traditionally focused on cities within the L.A. region. However, CCCA recognizes that all cities are contract cities in one way or another and encourages all to consider becoming a member city. Whether it’s police, fire or animal control, California cities rely on partners to serve their constituents with a wide variety of services. When those cities collaborate, they are able to strengthen their voice to advance the benefits of local control and governance – CCCA’s exact mission!

“I invite our neighboring cities throughout California to join us in our effort to collaborate on the issues and maintain our local control,” stated CCCA President Jeff Wood.

With over 77 member cities already, the plans for expansion are underway with new member cities in Riverside County (CoachellaEastvaleRancho MirageSan JacintoIndian Wells, Jurupa Valley and Moreno Valley); Ventura County (Camarillo) and San Mateo County (San Carlos). These new member cities recognize that they face similar challenges to the LA-centric member base of CCCA that the Association can help address.

“At this year’s CCCA Sacramento Legislative Orientation Tour (SLOT), our member cities led a press conference at the steps of The Capitol to call more attention to catalytic converter thefts and street racing. This is an example of one of the many issues that transcend county lines” stated CCCA Executive Director Marcel Rodarte. “I’m excited to offer the California Contract Cities Association’s benefits to more cities so we can continue to evolve into an even more powerful organization.”

As a CCCA member city, the agency reaps several benefits, including educational opportunities on legislation or policy, advocacy support to strengthen local control, networking opportunities to foster long-lasting relationships and access to connections and partnerships. Through stability, collaboration, accessibility and strength in numbers, CCCA has successfully provided its services for the past 65 years. If your agency is interested in becoming a member city, email or call (562) 622-5533.