In preparation for the State Legislative Orientation Tour, the Legislative Affairs Committee, chaired by Council Member Jorge Morales from South Gate, has been vetting legislative priorities for CCCA. The goals for this effort include establishing specific policy areas that are a prio

rity to CCCA and developing key data points and observations about those policies. The Committee hopes to accomplish these two objectives prior to visiting the Legislators in the Capitol. “CCCA wants our members to speak with a unified voice to magnify the impact of our visit to Sacramento,” stated Councilman Morales.

There are four Legislative priorities for CCCA this year.

They are:

1 – Overconcentration of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Recovery and Treatment Facilities (Rehabs)/Sober Living Homes Licensing
2 – Stormwater Infiltration Projects
3 – Housing Solutions for Homeless
4 – Funding for Law Enforcement Training

Additional materials and information about these priorities can be found on the CCCA website, here. All members are encouraged to read these materials, ask questions of staff and fellow CCCA members, and be prepared for the visit to Sacramento. Our team’s work in Sacramento  can have a significant impact: the more effective CCCA can be during these first weeks of January, the more likely our efforts in Sacramento will positively affect our communities.